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International conference

"The university and employers: an effective partnership for attracting, training and employment of foreign students"

26-28 October 2016


As part of the measures to improve the competitiveness of the leading Russian universities ("5-100" project) RUDN University hosted an international conference "The university and employers: an effective partnership for attracting, training and employment of foreign students "(hereinafter - the Conference) 26-30 October 2016, and organized a round table with participation of representatives of the associations of foreign graduates of Peoples' Friendship University (October 26-30, 2016).


The event gathered more than 150 participants, among which were representatives of international universities’ departments dealing with the reception and training of foreign students; representatives of the departments of universities dealing with the employment of foreign students and Russian students abroad; managers of educational programs in engineering, medical, agricultural, economic and philological fields of study; Russian and foreign employers who are interested in training foreign students in Russian universities, as well as Russian students for future work abroad.


45 participants were presented by the foreign graduates of RUDN UNive5rsity and other Russian and former Soviet universities and entrepreneurs from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, CIS countries which have achieved professional success in their respective countries in the field of business, government management, community service.


The conference addressed universities’ cooperation model with different types of foreign employers: representatives of the business community (foreign companies, international organizations that have subsidiaries in Russia, Russian companies that have subsidiaries and representative offices abroad, joint ventures), Foreign Alumni Association, foreign universities.


The main purpose of the Conference was to discuss the existing best practices and promising models of interaction between universities and foreign employers in order to improve the quality of training of foreign students in Russian universities for their further use on the national labor markets.


Particular emphasis was given to the problem of improving the mechanisms of cooperation between Russian institutions of higher education and the national associations of foreign graduates of RUDN University and other Russian and Soviet higher education institutions (hereinafter - Associations) in order to establish effective cooperation in foreign employers’ search and attraction in order to participate in foreign graduates of Russian universities future employment.


Plenary session October 26 has brought together two conferences: the international conference "The university and employers: an effective partnership for attracting, training and employment of foreign students" and "BRICS: Development cooperation. Network universities and international labor market ", as well as a round table with representatives of associations and foreign graduates.


During the plenary session representatives of the academic community, businessmen and industrialists agreed that the effectiveness of the dialogue between universities, industry, national companies, and business is in need of increase. Today, there are examples of positive interaction. For example, State Corporation "Rostech" is interested in focused training of students for future employment at the enterprises in Russia and in the offices of state-owned corporation operating in 51 countries, and for this set of measures is implemented. In particular, the project "Corporate Networking Academy" shows a high degree success. According to Nicholay Turco, the senior adviser of General Director of "Rostech", one of the most sought-after professionals are experts in the field of high technology, and competent specialists can only be trained in case of close interaction between universities and enterprises. The same development direction is chosen by the State Corporation "Rosatom". At the moment more than 350 educational programs in the field of nuclear energy for training of specialists to work in Russia and 36 units abroad are implemented in Russia.


Among the results of the complex work of the State Corporation "Rosatom" with partner countries in the field of education and training was the fact that in 2016 scholarship students from 37 countries came to study in the Russian high schools (for comparison: in 2015 there were 27 countries and 2014 there were only 15 countries). programs State Corporation "Rosatom" Educational programs Director Valery Karezin said: "One of the potential areas of development of the dialogue between the universities and enterprises is the collaboration with associations of foreign graduates of Russian universities, and I hope that the meeting in the RUDN University will result in a number of substantive agreements."


Olga Semina, Deputy Managing Director of "Domodedovo Training", reported on the experience of the "Domodedovo" Company. "Domodedovo" has a long-term personnel policy and is implementing specialized training of students at the leading universities with the possibility of further employment. Airport staff consists of more than 13 000 people, employed in more than 1 000 jobs, and the development of infrastructure of the air harbor requires an additional employment of 600 specialists per year. “Our organization employs people of different professions. Approximately 65% ​​of them are representatives of technical specialties, 35% represent humanities. We are constantly growing and developing, so we always have the need for new recruits!", said Olga Semina.


Effective cooperation between universities and business in various fields is a factor of the successful training of specialists that are in demand on the international job market. During the conference the mechanisms of interaction between universities and employers such as training of specialists for specific projects, matching the requirements of professional standards training results depending on the level of higher education, involvement of employers' representatives (experts) in appraisals, workshops, the formulation of the qualification paper themes, internship organization and training of students in general in order to develop common standards and requirements were discussed.


According to the vice-rector for international academic mobility of RUDN University Dr. Larisa Efremova, "The employment of students on a regular basis is the key long-term goal of a higher education institution".


On 27 October conference session "Universities and business: the mutually beneficial cooperation in key areas" was held. The session brought together representatives of Russian universities and companies, as well as experts from Lebanon, Madagascar, Panama, Finland, Ecuador, South Africa and other countries. Experts have demonstrated successful case studies to address the problems of effective training of staff and shared the experiences of their companies in the field of employment and training of highly qualified specialists.


For example, an unusual innovative project "EuroFaculty - Pskov" was presented during the meeting by Dr. Anti Paasio, Director of Business Development and Innovation University of Turku (Finland). "We are trying to bring something new to the existing education programs. For example, at our faculty there are two teachers from different universities working in the classroom at the same time", said Anti Paasio. In this project, the emphasis is on openness of training, on finding and supporting students’ initiatives, on the implementation of social projects, and on the principle of "exit the classroom - enter the companies". The successes of the graduates' of EuroFaculty University of Turku show that such methods of working with the students improve the quality of training of young specialists and make them more competitive in the global job market.


An important topic of discussion was the potential of the Russian students in the international arena. First Vice-Rector of RUDN University Dr. Nur Kirabaev stated that RUDN University has about 100 “Double-diploma programs” which are joint Master's programs implemented with leading foreign universities. RUDN University students learn both European and Oriental languages, and in the final years of study they possess not only professional skills but also “soft skills” such as abilities to find common language with foreign partners, establish the necessary contacts, to multi-task, etc. RUDN graduates are now working in 170 countries”.


October 28, 2016, a series of roundtables in areas identified as priorities (engineering, economic, philological, medical and ecological areas) was held. During each round table the participants discussed the state and development of corresponding sphere in the target regions and the competitive advantages of RUDN University and leading Russian universities in training in these areas, including training of foreign students, implementation of joint educational programs, additional educational programs, enterprise funded training, etc.


After the conference the participants visited the Federation Council where the online meeting with the head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev was held.


During the meeting, Konstantin Kosachev said that it is important for Russia that foreign graduates of the Russian universities are in demand at home and added that such conferences provide a great opportunity to receive feedback from foreign employers.


The participants discussed the issue of quotas for foreign students willing to study in Russian universities.


The participants noted that they see themselves as "ambassadors" of Russia in their countries, and they would like to have more information about modern Russia in the global world.


During the meeting, an issue of the need to improve Russian legislation for professional internship for foreign nationals was discussed.

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