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Job Fair “The way to Success!” was held at RUDN University on 29-30 of December, 2016.

The event was attended by 15 companies representing different fields which offered more than 2,000 vacancies for students. Job Fair was held over two days (29th and 30th of November) from 11.00 to 16.00.

The fair was attended by the following companies:

1. Deloitte & Touche CIS

2. Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V. branch in Moscow

3. L'Oréal

4. Kelly Services CIS

5. GK WFD Media (Rabota.ru)

6. Employment center-state fiscal agency of Moscow of the Employment Center of Moscow

7. Youth Talent platform "Sustainable Future of Russia"

8. Hot Wi-Fi LLC "Digital Systems"

9. Audit &consulting group "Interexpertise"

10. LLC “Chernomor”

11. AKIG

12. Alliance Media Strategy


14. 3d-studio EdisonLAB

15. Ekstrakonsalting

The Job Fair was attended by students of the Agro-Technological Institute, The Institute of Biomedical Problems, Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, Engineering Faculty, Institute of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Philological Faculty, Ecological Faculty, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Law, Academic Research Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology, Institute of applied techno-economical research and expertise, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of World Economy and Business.

The students had the opportunity to talk with employers directly on employment and internships issues and to choose the most promising directions for their future career. Employers could offer training and internships of students of various courses and training areas as well as for graduate and post-graduate students. It was also part-time jobs for students and full-time employment for young professionals were offered.

During the Job Fair 11 workshops for students were held. In the workshops the students were acquainted with the peculiarities of work in certain companies, were invited for the positions of interns and had a chance to ask questions.

The program of the workshops:

Day 1:

1220-1250 –– Competitive CV (Moscow Employment center)

1300-1320 –– Camp Leaders School ("Chernomor" Company)

1320-1410 –– The key ingredients for successful employment (Sustainable Future of Russia)

1420-1520 –– Success Story and development trends of the guest Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi marketing (Hot Wi-Fi “Digital Systems")

1530-1620 –– The image of success (L'Oréal)

1220-1320 –– How to write a CV / how to pass an interview. General issues. (Rabota.ru)

1320-1350 –– Future jobs in the media business (3d-studio EdisonLAB)

1350-1430 –– Occupation: auditor (Deloitte)

1200-1330 –– The ideal candidate: how to get the dream job (Ernst & Young)

Day 2:

1220-1320 – Success Story and development trends of the guest Wi-Fi networks and marketing Wi-Fi (Hot Wi-Fi “Digital Systems")

1330-1500 – The ideal candidate: how to get the dream job (Ernst & Young)

Cooperation agreements with companies were signed and cooperation plans laid out for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Ernst & Young company is one of three leaders in employment according to the world rankings and comes right after such giants as after Google and Apple. The company is interested in employment of students of the 3rd and 4th years, as well as postgraduates studying for the master’s degree (the company offers paid internship with further employment). EY is interested virtually in all specialties, with workshops divided only for humanitarian and technical areas of training.

Kelly Services Company is interested in the mass employment of foreign students, as well as Russian students with the knowledge of the Chinese language.

The Deloitte & Touche CIS employed RUDN University graduates presented the auditor profession for the current students. The company is interested in students in economy and technical areas of training.

L’Oréal Company is interested in employing marketers, economists, as well as healthcare professionals, including pharmacists.

Audit-consulting group "Interexpertiza" and the company VEGAS LEX mostly recruit graduates of legal specialties.

Hot Wi-Fi LLC "Digital Systems" recruits students of all specialties, including for part-time employment. The minimum wage for the payment of full-time employee is 80 thousand rubles per month.

The most visited were the workshops held by Ernst & Young and Hot Wi-Fi, which were visited by more than 70 students, while the rest of workshops attended by an average of 30 students.

On the second day the Job Fair took place on in the Building on Ordzhonikidze, thanks to responsible and coordinated work of all employees, and the Department of internship organization and employment assistance would like to specially thank the deputy dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Vladislav Korolkov.



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