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Each person had to make important life-changing choices and decisions in the course of their lives. One of the first choices of this kind is of course the choice
of one’s future profession and educational institution to provide knowledge and skills for it and make one a better candidate for employers. Education should be
seen as a personal asset that needs to be invested in one’s future.
Education market is represented by a great number of prominent universities, however, not all of the Russian universities have worldwide recognition. People's
Friendship University of Russia, or PFUR, is an international classical university and is widely recognized all over the world and a degree received here is highly regarded by employers.
PFUR is the only university in the world that has for more than 55 years provided education for students from more than 150 countries. Over the years more than 90 000 students
have graduated the University, including more than 5500 doctors of Philosophy and Science, and now work in more than 185 countries all over the world. Seventeen faculties
and educational institutions of PFUR allow students to receive training in 77 areas of training, undergraduate majors, and specialties, as well as in 200 master's programs.
The reputation and prestige of the chosen educational institution is one of the factors that determine a successful hiring after (or, sometimes, before) graduation. The graduates
of PFUR live and work in 185 countries all over the world, which is an indicator of the quality of the training we provide.
Employment, basically, signifies the successful completion of the training at the university, and is the first step in each person’s career. Modern society provides a great number
of job opportunities that allow almost everyone to choose a career suitable to both their interest and abilities.
However, the very process of career building is often a daunting task for a young professional. Fresh graduates often note that they find it difficult to understand the variety
of modern professions, to choose the best suitable job in their specific professional field, as well as to actually get a job: to be interviewed, find their place in the team, outline
their further professional development.
Department of internship organization and students’ employment assistance of the RUDN University
Department of internship organization and students’ employment assistance of the RUDN University cooperates with more than 400 government and commercial
enterprises and organizations and is ready to establish partnerships with Russian and foreign companies.
The Department invites students and graduates of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia to contact us in case they need assistance in permanent or temporary employment.
The Department includes the following divisions:
Internship and professional training division;
Employment assistance and career guidance division;
Foreign graduates’ employment assistance and adaptation to labor market division;
Information-analytical division.
The main work directions of the Department:
• provision of information about the labor market and job specifics and prospects for students;
• a constant study of students’ needs in modern employment environment, including regular updates of the job offer database;
• establishment of partnerships with organizations and enterprises;
• national and regional programs for employment of students and graduates support;
• record keeping of students and graduates who applied to the Department in order to find a job;
• collecting information of the job offers for students and keeping an up-to-date vacancies database;
• organization the secondary employment for students in their spare time;
• cooperation with other universities, the Centers of employment assistance, and cities and districts administrations;
• organization of seminars, conferences, job fairs, etc. in cooperation with employers;
• development the student groups social movements and associations;
• assistance in the adaptation of students to the labor market in a rapidly changing socio-economic environment;
• assistance in the implementation of regional development projects of companies lead by students and fresh graduates;
• development of the mechanisms for legal, social and psychological support of students and graduates People's Friendship University in the labor market;
• counseling and support for students in the field of employment law;
• psychological counseling and support for students in the field of employment.
Employment assistance and career guidance division
The main goal of the Department of internship organization and employment of students of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia’s Employment assistance and career
guidance division is the provision of assistance to the students who require it in order to find a suitable job, whether a permanent or a temporary (for example, during summer break). 
Employment assistance and career guidance division also provides informational and psychological support required by students and graduates in building their desired career and professional growth and development.
We believe aforementioned goals can only be achieved in the course of close cooperation with the faculties, institutes, departments and other structural divisions of the University.
The division maintains constant contacts with different public and private organizations which send their requests and job offers for our students and graduates.
The division has established partnerships with various government employment centers of Moscow which also provide effective assistance in the employment of our students and graduates.
How can the PFUR students and graduates assess the benefits provided by Employment assistance and career guidance division? It is really easy.
First of all, the students and graduates need to contact the Division, by phone, e-mail or even social media, as well as by visiting our office during business hours (see Contacts page). The students
and graduates are encouraged to share their wishes and desires for their future employment perspectives.
Then the division staff will ask you to fill out the form, which will serve as an internal CV. After that we will present you with current offers and, in case you find them suitable, we will either
give you the employer’s contact information or contact them for you. If we currently have no offers which suit your desires, we will continue to search for offers and notify you when a suitable offer shows up.
Employment assistance and career guidance division represents the University in the labor market maintaining close business relationships with a wide range of employers and is ready to establish partnerships with potential employers.
If your company requires young professionals who are not only highly trained in various fields, but also skilled in foreign languages, our University offers various solutions for young specialist selection. We offer your company:
job offers placement for the various positions (ranging from starting to top) for students and graduates, as well as information on internship programs and the recruitment of young professionals;
automated collection of candidates' CVs for your company’s job offers;
organization of presentations, workshops, seminars and business games for our students at the University;
company news posting, including, but not limited to, job offers, news, company trainings for students, current internships, etc. 
participation in Job Fairs at the People's Friendship University of Russian to meet our students and present your company in a more informal way (Job Fairs are held in twice a year, in December and in April).
Cooperation with the Employment assistance and career guidance division is the first step towards partnership establishment between your company and the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.
Foreign graduates’ employment assistance and adaptation to labor market division
Foreign graduates’ employment assistance and adaptation to labor market division was created in April 2016 and is now actively developing employment of foreign students abroad as a new
direction of cooperation with companies and organizations. We would like to note that our division and the work we do is unique and has no analogues in any other Russian university.
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is a multidisciplinary university that focuses on the international market, so we have something to offer almost any company all over the world, since the
University’s student body includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from 154 countries around the world. 
We believe that our foreign graduates will be valuable not only for foreign companies, but also for major Russian companies entering the global market (including companies, that are a part of a
joint venture). In this respect, University graduates possess the following key features: they have great skill in Russian and national languages, excellent knowledge of their profession, as well as
understanding of the mentality of the country which is very important if your company wants to successfully work in foreign countries which are still unfamiliar to Russian companies (Africa, Asia,
Latin America, Middle East). Also foreign graduates can successfully work in foreign companies represented on the Russian market. And, of course, we prepare excellent professionals who can
become a valuable member of any international team.
We would like to invite employers to cooperate with us!
Internship and professional training division
The Department of internship organization and employment of students of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia regards student internship as the first step on the path of employment and
career-building of both our students and graduates, which is why the University handles internship with great care. The University organizes student internship in various public and private organizations,
including the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Russian Foreign Ministry, major scientific research centers in Moscow, neighboring cities and countries, as well as best hospitals, offices and factories
of well-known domestic and foreign companies, etc.
The main goal of the Internship and professional training division is to provide of sufficient professional training via educational, informational, educational, industrial, undergraduate, research and other
types of internship.
The Internship and professional training division performs following functions:
• planning of the annual internship organization and execution estimate costs for all types of internship (based on the faculties requests);
• supervision of the compilation of educational work plans in accordance with state educational standards of internship execution;
• supervision of the timely conclusion of University agreements with internship providing companies;
• supervision of the timely preparation and execution of students and accompanying professors and tutors’ transportation to field internship sites;
• supervision of the timely submission of reports at the end of internship by the responsible managers, preparation of the consolidated University report, analysis of internship.
Main goals of Department of internship organization and students’ employment assistance of the RUDN University
• Organization of information and methodological support of various events with the goal of development and improvement of the University students’ internship and graduate employment systems.
• Monitoring and analysis of internships, support and development of the internship organization and quality management system, improvement the regulatory framework and the organization paperwork
of internship organization and quality management system.
• Organization and implementation of information and methodological support and consulting for the University staff in the field of internship organization and conducting, job counseling and employment
assistance of graduates.
• Organization and implementation of the processes of information and methodological support for the development, introduction and use of innovative technologies in the field of organizing and conducting
internship, job counseling and employment of graduates.
• Organization and supervision of the trainees and supervisors’ activities during internship in base companies.
• Supervision of trainees’ provision with methodical materials for organizing and conducting internship.
• Annual cost estimate of organizing and conducting all kinds of University internship.
• Informational, organizational and methodological support of students’ introduction to modern industry, labor market conditions, complex economic needs for skilled personnel, content and prospects of trade
market development, forms and terms of their development, personal requirements in various professions, growth and self-improvement opportunities in the process of all kinds of training and internship of students.
• Psychological counselling aimed at the healthy personality development of the students, to prevent possible personal distress and interpersonal problems, social and psychological conflicts, including the
development of recommendations for improvement of the social and psychological conditions of self-realization during educational and industrial internship in course of social and economic relations’ development.
• Organization and conduction of joint University-and-employer events for students and graduates: Job Fairs, companies and professions presentations, thematic exhibitions, competitions, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
• Employment assistance (including temporary employment) for students and graduates and their adaptation to the labor market.
• Coordination and supervision of educational institutions and departments in the field of organization all kinds of internship, as well as University students and graduates’ employment assistance.
• Establishment, promotion and maintenance of a positive image of the University with potential employers, promotion of cooperation between employers and the University and its units, establishment of
long-term relationships with employers and base internship companies.
• Establishment of long-term cooperation agreements with organizations, enterprises, etc.;
• Interaction with the authorities, including the territorial public authorities, public organizations and associations, and others.
Main functions of Department of internship organization and students’ employment assistance of the RUDN University
Within its competences, the Department performs the following main functions in the field of development and continuous improvement of the institutional and regulatory support activities of the University:
• Intra-institution regulation, informational, and methodological support development within the competence of the Department, preparation of local regulations drafts (orders, etc.), regulation of training and
educational activities of the University within the Department competences;
• Department statistical reporting system maintenance, primary processing and analysis of educational activity conditions implementation and results data, as well as graduates’ employment data.
The main functions in the field of basic University educational programs licensing and accreditation are:
• Development and maintenance of databases of indicators related to educational activities and employment of graduates of the University in the Department of competences;
• Organization of the University activities in the field of scheduled and un-scheduled inspections of licensing requirements and conditions of the educational activities compliance within Department competences.
The main functions in the field of information and methodological support of development and implementation of basic University educational programs are:
• Coordination of the faculties, departments and educational institutions work in organizing and conducting educational, informational, pedagogical, professional, research and other types of internship;
• Organization and control of base internship companies list development and estimation of internship conduction costs, as well as entering contracts between the university and the base internship companies;
• Management and regulatory and methodological support of the development o and approval of internship programs, training, issue and execution of orders of interns’ and supervisors’’ transportation to the
internship company locations and orders of internship results reports submission by responsible managers;
• Preparation of the consolidated report and analysis of internship, development of internship economic efficiency improvement proposals.
The main functions in the field of the educational process quality management system support are:
• Drafting and maintenance of educational activities quality assurance system documentation of the University and its academic units within the Department competences;
• Organizational, regulatory and information-methodical maintenance of the University academic departments’ internship conduction quality system;
• Organization and control over University discipline observance by the students and educational work of professors and trainers within the Department’s competences;
• Organizational, informational, and methodological support of the sociological research related to the quality of the organization and conduction of internship and graduates’ employment assistance;
• Management of the official University website section containing information about the current activities of the Department, official regulation, information and methodological materials on the organization
and conduction of students’ internship, as well as graduates’ career guidance and job placement;
• Organization of meetings and seminars on the students’ internship conduction and graduates’ employment assistance with the use of innovative technologies within the competence of the Department;
• Organization of professional counseling and training for the University faculties and educational institutions managers, responsible for graduates’ employment assistance;
• Potential employers search and entering contracts with them for young professionals training and selection for available positions;
• Provision of career guidance assistance to faculties and educational institutions;
• Consulting and information services on employment of young specialists’ provision, students counseling in order to increase their competitiveness through vocational and career guidance;
• Employers and applicants’ database updating.
The main functions of the Department in the field development, implementation and usage of information systems and resources for educational activities support are:
• Development and implementation of information technologies of organization management and internship conduction, collection and analysis of information on the processes associated with them;
• Coordination of faculties and educational institutions’ activity in the field of implementation and usage of information systems and technologies in internship organization and conduction;
• Participation in the formation of a unified information environment of the University, participation in the development of the official University website structure and content in the competence of the Department.

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